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announcement last night. he tells sean hannity he is enforcie -- endorsing mitt romney. >> it is increasingly clear mitt romney will be the nominee. >> up until this point you have not jumped into the primary race. are you endorsing mitt romney? >> i am going to endorse mitt romney not only because he's going to be the republican nominee but he is a stark contrast in the record. i am not intending on being the vice presidential nominee. that's not what i am intending. i will work hard for him because he will offer a clear all terne tuf to a disastrous presidency. i know sometimes we get a little over heated in politics. all of those things aside i have no personal animosity toward the president who by all accounts is a very good father and a very good husband. he has been a disastrous president who is taking us in a direction that may take a generation to undo. we have an obligation to work on behalf of mitt romney to ensure not only is barack obama defeated but we put in place a century that will be an american century as well. >> president george h. w. bush will also official lynn dorrs mit
, to minutes after the hour and in a few short hours romney will pick up a huge republican endorsement, congressman paul ryan who will make the announcement right here on "fox & friends" the chairman of the house budget committee and the house passed his $3.5 from budget plan last night. the wisconsin republican is regularly mentioned as a possible v.p. candidate, so, to make sure you tune in to "fox & friends" later this morning at 8:15 to see that this morning. >> romney scored a big endorsement from former president george h.w. bush and issued a three to members of the g.o.p. >> i do think it is time for the party to get behind governor romney and he reminded me kenny rogers time to hold and time to fold and it is time for people to get behind this god man. >> former president george w. bush has not officially endorsed any candidate yet. >> a deadly wildfire in colorado is 45 percent contained and we are getting more heart wrenching pictures of the devastation. look how it just tore law that house. used to be a house there and that is left of a car after flames gutted it. the govern
the godfather of the mandate mitt romney. >> if obama care becomes fully ime implemented in 2014 it will bankrupt the state. 31 percent of the people in south carolina will be medicaid eligible a billion dollars more of matching funds from the state. >> you heard lindsay graham talking about the cost, the real cost of the new law republicans dubbed as obama care. true costs of obama care or premiums 2008 they would have lowered premiums by 2.5 k by the end of the first term. the reality is the premium would increase by 2.2 k. true cost of obama care or healthcare legislation reform. the federal deficit with the cbo 2010 healthcare plan will reduce deficits by 143 billion within 10 years. october 2011 obama does away with the class act wipes out 270 b dollars. they are not expect to do render its decision until june. back to you. >> thank you so much. a lot of people say the government can tell you what type of healthcare to have they can tell you what kind of car to drive or food to eat. >> people saying no, no, not so fast. >> now it's time for look who's talking. >> rick santor
strategy hinges on trying to get mitt romney from getting the delegates he needs for the nomination. he will focus on social media and personally call delegates to try to persuade them to back him at t republican national convention. >> a leader from the new black panther party offered 10,000 dollars to capture george zimmerman dead or alive is now under rays. he is arrested on unrelated weapons charges. this comes on the same day trayvon's parents spoke about their son's shooting death. they spoke on capitol hill. >> my heart is broken. it breaks even more to know that we have not gotten justice yet and this man has not been arrested for shooting and killing my son. >> he insists he shot martin in self defense. he has not been charged. >>> the illegal immigrants accused of murdering five people in san francisco finds out today if he will face the death penalty himself. >> he is expected to be charged with five counts of murder today. that would make him eligible for the death penalty. he served time for armed robbery and assault. vietnam's government failed to provide the correct docum
romney for president. country music cstar dolly parto is here. chris wallace will be on talking news all on fox and friends. i can't wait. in fact i have to prepare. 14 clubs. that's what they tell us a legal golf bag can hold. and while that leaves a little room for balls and tees, it doesn't leave room for much else. there's no room left for deadlines or conference calls. not a single pocket to hold the stress of the day, or the to-do list of tomorrow. only 14 clubs pick up the right one and drive it right down the middle of pure michigan. your trip begins at michigan.org. >> 52 minutes at tpast the top the hour. headlines overseas. lift-off of a european rocket to the international space station. (speaking foreign language) >> so amazing, the rocket launched from south america with 7 tons of cargo including food, clothing, spare parts and prop pell lant. it is expected to stay at the station through early september. >>> a russian murderer makes a hollywood style escape from prison. they hijacked a helicopter at gun point. he is on the rope ladder by the way hanging from the chopper. a
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)

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